More Pinhole Testing
During the theme Resistance I really wanted to do something with the physical aspect of resistance. For example the Gravity and it's influences on nature. Or how friction between a tire and the road & the influence of wind onto a car.
A good example of this is the parachute which slows down the terminal velocity of a which a human would "free" fall.
Eventually I decided I wanted to do something different and I got more interested in this aspect with light. I thought of ways to resist the amount of light onto paper or to maybe influence the way this light gets shown. This ended up with me thinking of Pinhole photography in which I decided to build one myself (see reference 1) Eventually this sadly didn't really work out how I wanted to, So I decided to take a new approach with a digital pinhole camera and a smartphone pinhole camera (see reference 2 & 3) which gave me exciting new visual output that I wasn't expecting at all and which I found really interesting. This ended up being my final result.

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