Echo Museum
Museum in The Sims 4. A series of YouTube videos connected through embeds that allow you to walk through the museum and see it from different angles depending on the route of your choice. The museum’s theme is: Echo and the work displayed are connected to this theme. The museum itself also adds to this experience with the way it is thought out and built to enhance this experience.
We started of with by getting inspiration from a Fortnite event, in which Travis Scott performed and concert within Fortnite which everyone could see and join. We really liked the idea that one could move and control a character and kind of be at an event even though you're physically not there. With this in mind we decided to create an sims world which would include our museum which could be viewed and watched. While being in control of where you're going and what you want to view.
We thought about doing our own museum in Unity, but this was very slow and frustrating because it became more about annoying technical difficulties rather than having fun with the concept.
Our theme is ECHO which for us means: A reflection or a physical echo of something or someone, or an echo of a sound. With this in mind we created a museum with mirror where by each exposition you could only see one work at the time or by using the mirrors seeing and echo of one or two works. This was done by creating a circular museum in which a Triangular Prism is used to display the works upon.

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