Magnetoreception is an installation in which I used a powerful magnet to create a magnetic field to simulate earth’s geomagnetic field. The person interacting with the installation is sitting on top of a hexagon plateau while wearing a virtual reality headset which plays and shows a representation of earth's geomagnetic field. This work entices people to get in touch with the sense of magnetoreception, (specifically the geomagnetic field of earth) 
Magnetoreception is about a sense that we as humans are out of touch with. A sense that a variety of species, bacteria, snails, frogs, lobsters rely on for a daily basis. With this installation you can and get back in touch with the geomagnetic field of Earth. By focusing on the sensation and experiencing the magnetic field you will be able to get more in touch with this “lost” sense we once “might” have used and allow yourself to learn a bit more about the roots of our species.

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